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Investment Strategies

How Involved Do You Want to Be?

Some people prefer to manage their own investments, while others feel more comfortable working with a professional. There’s no right or wrong method to investing, so long as it aligns with your goals. At ClearPath, we’ll work with you to identify your objectives and make sure you have a clear understanding of your needs and goals so we can help you choose a strategy that’s right for you. If your preferences change over time, we’ll be here to help you adjust your plan as necessary.

What’s Your Risk Tolerance?

It’s important that your investment strategy matches your personal risk tolerance. Some investment opportunities, like stocks, offer a higher growth potential in the long run but can also provide more risk as the market fluctuates over time. On the other hand, bonds and short-term investments provide more stable opportunities for accumulation, but without as much growth potential. Depending on when you need the money and your comfort level with potential losses, choosing one or a combination of these investment options could be right for you.

When Do You Need Your Money?

Your investments strategies will vary greatly depending on the amount of time you have to accumulate gains and recoup losses. If you’re just a few years from retirement, you typically don’t want to invest too aggressively because if you do see a major loss, you won’t have much time to recoup your assets. Conversely, if you have years before you plan to withdraw from your retirement accounts, it’s best to take advantage of investments with higher growth potential (even if they do pose more risk), because you want to ensure that your assets keep pace with inflation, and you’ll have more opportunity to rebuild your assets if you see any losses.